30 years experience in providing taxi service encounter afford to satisfy all your needs with precision and comfort.

Apart from the usual benefits:

  • Transfer from and to Halkidiki and any other destination
  • Handling unaccompanied packages
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Tours in Halkidiki, Thessaloniki (Historical, Ecclesiastical, Tourist and Recreational interest)
  • Scheduling for entrance to Mount Athos
  • V.I.P. Transport

which have established us in the transport.
Now we provide transport for people with disability problems too, with the special WHITE TAXI which is part of our vehicle fleet.



See our rates for destinations to and from Airport of Thessaloniki "Macedonia" SKG. Attractive and affordable prices.


Taxi Reservation

Book directly and easily through our reservation form for your prompt and convenient transport at any point you wish.


Arrivals/Departures SKG

Watch the arrivals and departures of flights from the airport of Thessaloniki "Macedonia" SKG


Must Visit

Get knowledge about the places you need to visit during your stay in Chalkidiki. Between them are the famous Mount Athos, Thessaloniki and the birthplace of Aristotle Ancient Stagira.


Services & Facilities

All of our Taxis come with TV system, Wireless internet and provide you with free of use tablet during your transport


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